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U.S. CareResources® is stretching the boundaries of traditional long-term care to fit the changing needs of today's families. Our national long-term care network consists of a variety of facilities, including nursing homes, residential care facilities, independent living facilities, home health agencies, hospices and adult day care centers. The network offers a complete continuum of chronic care services designed to assist individuals in maintaining their independence. Complementing the network is a Care Service Center that offers comprehensive information about chronic care, including facility profiles, treatment options and local resource support groups.

U.S. CareResources® provides access to a broad base of support for every kind of long-term care need. Access is available through group-sponsored benefit plans, individual long-term care policies and individual enrollment. Services can be purchased as a package, or on a standalone basis. U.S. CareResources® has incorporated flexibility and affordability into our design.

U.S. CareResources® Quality Provider Network

Nationwide network of long-term care providers
Stringent credentialling of providers and ongoing monitoring
of quality of care
Affordable pricing structure for groups (employers, associations, public entities, etc.) and private pay clients
Discount arrangements covering a broad range of long-term care providers, equipment and services
Customized programs and client-specific customer service arrangements

Managing Caring® Services

The Care Service Center provides individuals with up-to-date information about local long-term care facilities, services and specialized programs available, offering choices and comparisons of facilities/services

The Care Service Center is staffed by Care Advisors, trained counselors with long-term care background, including Registered Nurses, Geriatric Specialists and Social Workers, who will assess needs, offer advice on appropriate levels of care, identify resources, and assist in making appointments to access care
In-home or In-facility assessment of client needs

General information on senior services and health care, specializing in chronic care and preventive care information

Care Tracking services to monitor the progress of individual patients at regular intervals, comparing current status to original treatment plan and making recommendations and adjustments to the treatment plan as needed, keeping family members informed of progress

Quality Management

Utilization management of care, integrating and managing long-term
care with other health care benefits, triaging services across the full
continuum of care
Patient/Family satisfaction surveys

Critical pathway protocols for the assessment and management of chronic conditions

Clinical outcomes assessment tools designed by U.S. Care to measure and improve the quality of care, with feedback to providers

Medication management program that monitors medication usage to ensure appropriate drug therapies and avoid adverse reactions

Administrative Services

Full range of highly automated information management systems integrate programs and services to provide seamless administration

Electronic processing of provider applications expedites credentialling and information gathering

Sophisticated electronic tracking systems correlate quality and management data, enable clients to speak to the same Care Advisor each time they call
the Care Service Center and enhance the speed and accuracy of data management to maintain the highest standards of customer service

Private label (in sponsoring group's name), customized response
units available

Data Analysis and Reporting

Reporting of key performance indicators for Facility Benchmarking to supply providers with constructive feedback and assist them in improving long-term care services

Large comprehensive database of long-term care providers and services in the United States

Small area analysis of long-term care provider capabilities and market

Summary of state regulations guiding long-term care providers

Comprehensive, customized reporting packages on performance/quality of care/utilization enables subscribing groups to make informed choices when developing/revising long-term care benefits

Innovation/Communications Resources

Internet Services include development of customized Web Sites for subscribing groups containing information about benefits, services, enrollment, etc., which employees and relatives can access

Electronic access to general information concerning long-term care products, services, state regulations, health advisories, etc., via the U.S. Care and U.S. CareResources® Web Pages on the Internet

Web Directory of long-term care providers throughout the United States enables members to "visit" many facilities in the network through the Internet

Through U.S. CareResources®, subscribing groups
and individuals have access to a comprehensive
range of quality long-term care services because
Care Resources Protect a Lifetime of Living.
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