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In addition to being newsworthy, Long-Term Care editorials often stir up controversy and spark debate. Following are the original articles and the responses they received. 

HIPAA Debate—Article From The National Underwriter,
February 28, 2000 and Samuel X. Kaplan's response. 

Tax Legislation Debate—Editorial Comment From The National Underwriter,
June 21, 1999 and Samuel X. Kaplan's response. 

Put The LTC Policyholder In The Driver's Seat—Samuel X. Kaplan.
From The National Underwriter, December 14, 1998. 

  • In response to: "Put the LTC Policyholder in the Driver's Seat"

  • —December 14, 1998:
    Letter to the Editor from Greg Gurlik
    Vice President and Actuary, Fortis Long Term Care
    • In response to Greg Gurlik:

    • Letter to the Editor from Samuel X. Kaplan
      Founder and Chairman, U.S. Care, Inc.

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