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Long-Term Care Resources

Here you will find a growing list of resources for news and information on chronic and long-term care information.

We will update this list regularly. If there is something you find useful, please let us know here.

If there is a source of information or news which you find useful, please let us know where. This way, we may be able to share it with others.

Internet Search Engines

Links to Search Engines on the Internet.

  • Health A to Z—Search an extensive database of health and health-related topics and links
  • Chronic care—links to 100 chronic care resources
  • Gerontology—links to 100 resources on the study of Gerontology and senior's health
  • Long-term care—links to 100 resources on long-term care
  • Link to Search Engines—choose your own search topic when prompted to do so

Internet Links

Links to Resources on the Internet.

State Government

Federal Government U.S. Senate Legislation Insurance Industry News Long-Term Care Industry
  • U.S. Long-Term Care Market—including Demographic Transition, Demand, Health Care Reimbursement Policy and the Cost of Long-Term Care.
Aging and Age-Related Health Concerns
  • The New England Centenarian Study—Based at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, the New England Centenarian Study's mission is to study centenarians who they believe carry the secrets to successful aging and how to delay or even escape diseases associated with aging.

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