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If you support equal tax advantages for both qualified and non-tax-qualified plans, make your voice heard. The following letter has been prepared for you to copy and paste into the body of an e-mail to your senator and congressperson. You can find senators' e-mail addresses listed by state or by name and clicking here will take you to a site which allows you to search for your congressperson by state, name or ZIP code. 

[Insert Date] 

Dear Senator/Congressperson: 

I would like to submit my opinion regarding the tax deduction for privately purchased long-term care policies. I support equal tax advantages for both qualified and non-tax-qualified plans. 

Both types of plans help secure the financial and emotional well being of the growing senior population. Financial and emotional security enable seniors to plan a quality retirement, without depending on the increasingly small amounts of government funding available for retirees. 

Unfortunately, only tax-qualified plans have deductible premiums. Furthermore, non-tax-qualified plans have easier access for seniors. Please offer both types of policyholders the tax advantages they deserve without forcing non-tax-qualified plan buyers to bear the financial consequences. 

Thank you for your time and attention. 


[Insert Name] 

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