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Long-Term Care and Tax Legislation

A hot debate is raging regarding the new Johnson-Thurman Bill which allows people who pay 50 percent or more of the cost of a qualified long-term care policy a tax deduction. The bill does not provide tax deductions for non-tax-qualified long-term care policies. 

Below are links to information about the recent legislation known as the Long-Term Care and Retirement Security Act and a letter which you can forward to your state senator stating your support for equal tax advantages for both qualified and non-tax-qualified plans. Please feel free to contact us if you have additional thoughts on this subject. 

Tax Legislation Debate Continues—Letters to the Editor of the National Underwriter

Letter to the Editor from Barbara J. Foxworth, Director, National Marketing, Centrelink Insurance and Financial Services, Inc.

Letter to the Editor from Samuel X. Kaplan 

HIPAA Debate—Article From The National Underwriter,
February 28, 2000 and Samuel X. Kaplan's response. 

Tax Legislation Debate—Editorial Comment From The National Underwriter,
June 21, 1999 and Samuel X. Kaplan's response. 

Recent Legislation: The Johnson-Thurman Bill

Tax-Qualified vs. Non-Tax-Qualified Pros and Cons

Taxing Questions about Long-Term Care

Send a Letter to Your Senator and Congressperson

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