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This section has been added at the request of a number of frequent visitors. This document will provide an ongoing listing of new and updated items within the U.S. Care, 

As a regular visitor, you will be able to save time browsing and jump directly to new information.

  • Long-Term Care and Tax Legislation - New. Pros and cons of the Johnson-Thurman Bill.
  • Dialogue - New. Editorial dialogue regarding hot issues in long-term care.
  • News - Updated. A focus on long-term care which appeared in National Underwriter.
  • U.S. Care Directory - Updated. Included links to Internet Search Engines for Chronic care, Long-term Care, and Gerontology. Also you can choose your own topic, no matter what it is.
  • Glossary - New. This glossary defines and explains the key words and phrases you will encounter while researching long-term care.
  • "Do I Have Time To Enroll?" - Updated.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Updated. New questions and a new format.
  • Long-Term Care Resources - Updated. Links to sites of interest, including Medicare & Medicaid and Internet Search Engines.
  • Managers - Updated. Information on the U.S. Care management team.
  • PERA Website - Link to the Long-Term Care Program for PERA Members and Retirees.
  • Why Long-Term Care? - Updated. Latest facts and figures illustrating the need for long-term care coverage.

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